Monday, January 30, 2012

It's been awhile since I have blogged. The time I normally spend blogging has been spent with taking kid to and from school and working extra hours at work. January is birthday month and it gets hectic around here. We have 4 family birthdays in this month alone, followed by 2 more within the first 8 days of February. This month has really been busy and not much going on. The girls in the coop have been on protest. The goats are staying warm in the barn and enjoying their sunflower seeds. The horses have enjoyed getting extra grain, just because it's cold out. I can't say that the ponies are enjoying it as much. We decided they were getting to fat and took them out of the pen all together. They now get feed twice a day rather than free choice. Unhappy ponies, but healthy ponies:)

In the house you would think that we had spring fever. We finally took the crib out of our room and put it in storage. We took all of the  kids clothe that have been piled in our room, down to be cleaned. They were washed and sorted according to whom's they were or donated. It feels good to get rid of some things that we don't need or that is not necessary.

We haven't made our final homesteading goals yet, but we have until tomorrow:) Last minute it may be but there has been a lot of talk about different things and we want to make it reasonable.

The weather is very nice out, perfect time to be scooping stalls, or cleaning the coop out for the girls. With that said, I'm going to get busy.

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  1. I get really busy too (six daughters) but blogging seems to be so enjoyable at times that I wonder if I should invest in one of those dang iPad thingies. That would be much easier to post on than my tiny little smart phone :-)